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12 Online Bookstores to Buy Chinese Books (Simplified & Traditional Chinese)

12 Online Bookstores to Buy Chinese Books (Simplified & Traditional Chinese)

    China is widely considered the superpower of Asia, and it has great importance all over the world. Learning the Chinese language can help you get to know about its lifestyles and cultures and communicate with Chinese easily when you visit China. If you and your kids recently decide to learn Chinese, the first thing is to buy some Chinese books. Besides physical bookstores, buying Chinese books online is also a good choice! Here are the 12 best online bookstores to buy Chinese books (including Simplified & Traditional Chinese) , hope will help you get the Chinese books you want!

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YesAsia is an online retail company founded n 1998 that sells Asian entertainment products worldwide. After initially focusing on CD and video retailing, it has expanded into other entertainment and hobby products such as manga, video games, and consoles, electronics, and toys. Yesasia also stocks a wide range of traditional Chinese books from Hong Kong book publishing houses, so if you are looking for Cantonese reading materials, this is your best bet. The books are not cheap (average USD $20 per picture book), but they do seem to come with free international shipping.


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Yamibuy is the leading Asian American-centric Internet Company, dedicated to providing Asian snacks & food, beauty & health products, home appliances, and books to Asian Americans. Wide selection of groceries, snacks, beauty, and home goods from China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and more, Yamibuy carries the best selection of Asian food and snacks online. You can easily shop for a wide selection of books, Novels, Emotional/Family/Marriage at Yami from top brands such as Jingdong book, and more.


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Aliexpress is an online retailer based in China that strictly focuses on selling products to international buyers. This Chinese wholesale website is a one-stop wholesale online store for more than 44 product categories including the latest electronics, fashion, Chinese books, phone accessories, computer electronics, toys, home&garden, home appliances, tools, home improvement. Looking for a good deal on simplified Chinese books? Explore a wide range of the best simplified Chinese books on AliExpress to find one that suits you! Besides good quality brands, you’ll also find plenty of discounts when you shop for simplified Chinese books during big sales.


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Amazon is a well-known comprehensive shopping website in the USA with the option of Prime 2-day shipping.  Is there anything that Amazon doesn’t sell? Nothing. It’s no surprise then that you can actually buy Chinese books on Amazon. Both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese books are available, in paperback, hard copy, and e-books.


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eBay is an American multinational e-commerce corporation based in San Jose, California, that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website. Just like Taobao in China, eBay has buyers and sellers. Started off as a used goods market, they currently sell new goods as well. You can find new Chinese picture books and used Chinese textbooks on the site.



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China Sprout

China Sprout is a US-based online Chinese store that sells both Traditional and Simplified Chinese books, and Chinese-themed/ cultural items including home décor, arts, and crafts and toys. You can buy textbooks (elementary – university), supplementary materials, Adult learners, HSK materials, Business Chinese, teacher sourcebooks, flashcards, posters, dictionaries, picture arises, picture books, adoption books, culture books from China Sprout.


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Books Taiwan

Books Taiwan is a traditional Chinese online bookstore for all types of books (eg: fiction, non-fiction, etc).  This is Taiwan’s equivalent to Taobao. Even though the website says Taiwan books, they sell a whole lot more than just books. They have a wide range of traditional Chinese picture books, novels, and Chinese teaching resources. And while you are on the website, check out their wide range of e-books available as well.


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Gloria's Bookstore

Gloria's Bookstore is probably the best place to buy big box sets, such as set of 36 Little Little Newton magazines, set of 60 Little Earth People, set of 20 hardcovers Ghibli books, set of 60 Ferris Wheel and so on. These sets are so heavy and hence freaking expensive to buy from BooksTaiwan due to exorbitant shipping. Gloria has very reasonable prices and she is really nice and responsive to questions. However, the downside is you may have to wait 1-2 months for books on “pre-order”. Books that are “in stock” will ship out fairly quickly.


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Eastern Bookstore

Located in the center of Chinatown in Manhattan, Eastern Bookstore is considered the biggest amalgamated Chinese cultural center, rather than just a bookstore. Having a business area of close to 7,000 square feet, the store mainly sells Chinese books from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The subjects cover social science, liberal art, literature, Sinology, calligraphy and drawing, Chinese language study, youngster’s study, medicine, and many others. The Bookstore has grown with Chinatown for nearly 40 years since its inception in 1976, and has enjoyed profound respect and esteem from Chinese immigrants.


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Times Book

Times Book is the largest online shopping mall for cultural products in North America. Since 2004, it has provided Chinese books, magazines, audio and video, music, flowers, department stores to North American Chinese, libraries, Chinese schools, Americans interested in Chinese culture, training institutions, etc. But Times Book is not an English-friendly site as it is a Chinese site for Chinese people. So you must be able to read Chinese though to navigate the website.


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China’s answer to Amazon, Taobao. A massive Chinese online marketplace, you can buy to your heart’s desire. The Chinese books are all in Simplified Chinese, and so freaking CHEAP!! You have the option of air freight or sea freight. Generally, my advice is to go for sea freight if you are not in a rush to receive your books, as the shipping costs. You will have to be able to read Chinese though to navigate the website. And similar to Amazon, this is a huge marketplace, so if you search for one book title, there will be about 50 bookshop listings for that title. Not all bookstores will ship to the USA, therefore, once you find a bookstore that will ship to your country of residence, save it to your favorites list to save your time searching.


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JD is a worthy competitor to Taobao. stocks are a lot more than Chinese books. Furthermore, they not only sell physical Chinese copies, but also Chinese e-books. Definitely worth a look if you are looking to save some money with e-books. JD ships directly to the US and fast! You can usually get your books within a week, sometimes 5 days (pre-COVID). JD's shipping rate is variable and it has huge shipping discounts sometimes, 90% off or even free shipping! If you see a good deal on shipping then check out IMMEDIATELY as it may change the next hour. Most of the time though, its shipping is 70% off.


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2. Get ¥50 off orders ¥100+, ¥260 off orders ¥400+ on Chinese books.

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