Lancome Genifique vs. Estee Lauder Night Repair vs. Clarins Double Serum: Which is Best for You?

Lancome Genifique vs. Estee Lauder Night Repair vs. Clarins Double Serum: Which is Best for You?

    • Serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper to deliver high concentrations of specific active ingredients to the skin. They help round out and intensify your beauty routine by focusing on particular skin concerns, whether it's anti-aging, dull skin, or hydration. Three cult favorites of serums in the market right now are Lancome Genifique, Estee Lauder Night Repair, and Clarins Double Serum that focus on women's beauty needs – hydrating, anti-aging, and brightening. Which is best for you? Below, we will see the comparison of the three products to help you choose.

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  • The Claims

| Lancôme Advanced Génifique Face Serum

($105/50ml, up to 8% cashback at Lancome)



Enliven and brighten dull complexions with Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum. Gentle but effective, the advanced serum helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as it refreshes, replenishes and revitalises.

An important step in your skincare routine, the firming formula enhances natural luminosity and radiance while smoothing uneven texture and boosting clarity for a glowing, rejuvenated complexion.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex

($105/50ml, up to 6% cashback at Estee Lauder)



Backed by an unprecedented new discovery in the scientific field of Epigenetics, Estée Lauder introduces the revolutionary New Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex.

With breakthrough new Chronolux™ Power Signal Technology —“a proprietary blend of yeast extract, a peptide and plant-derived ingredients”, new Advanced Night Repair now supports skin's natural repair more effectively than ever, and for the first time, helps skin increase its natural renewal of fresh new cells and production of collagen for firmer skin. 

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Clarins Double Serum

($126/50ml, up to 10% cashback at Clarins)



A best-selling anti-aging serum with a 2-in-1 formula to effectively target lines and wrinkles, even out skin tone and boost radiance.

Working on hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration, Double Serum contains 21 active plant extracts which is the answer for anyone looking for a product that acts on all signs of skin-aging to achieve radiant, firmer skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

  • The Ingredients & Benefits

Lancôme Advanced Génifique Face Serum

Developed with advanced Genifique Technology, this powerful anti-aging skin treatment, which contains a biotechnology-derived ingredient: 10% Bifidus Prebiotic, helps enhance genes' activity and promote the production of youth proteins.

With NEW tested efficacy, and for all skin types, this fast-acting anti-aging skin serum that instantly makes skin feel hydrated, smooth and soft, revealing more radiant skin in as little as seven-days.

| Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex

Powered by Chronolux™ Power Signal Technology and Adansonia digitata seed extract plus Tripeptide-32, this deep- and fast-penetrating face serum reduces the look of multiple signs of aging caused by the environmental assaults of modern life. Besides, a high concentration of Bifida Ferment Lysate has multiple skincare effects. It can be used during the day to resist oxygen and brighten, protect the skin from free radicals, nourish and stabilize the skin at night, and assist in the repair of skin cells. 

Formulated for day and night use, this versatile formula works at night by helping ignite the skin's natural nightly repair process and during the day, it helps protect skin from daily environmental assaults such as pollution, ozone, blue light, infrared and micro dust. 

Ideal for all skin types.

Clarins Double Serum

It's packed with 21 potent plant extracts to visibly reduce wrinkles, promote skin firmness, revive radiance, hydrate and smooth and visibly tighten pores. 

It's formulated with turmeric, which is distinguished for its exceptional anti-aging properties; teasel extract, which delivers revitalizing and antioxidant benefits; organic green banana, which plays a key role in promoting firm-looking skin; and myrothamnus, which visibly smoothes, tones and de-stresses. Red jania promotes an even complexion, and organic goji berry revitalizes and tones.

Suitable for all skin types and tones.

  • Reviews

Lancome Genifique vs. Estee Lauder Night Repair vs. Clarins Double Serum: Which is best for you?

The purpose of these three brands is to saturate the medium-high market of beauty products. But the different style behind cosmetic science used in the products they sell leads the public to choose different products for different needs.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair works perfectly with oily and acne-prone skin. It can absorb quickly so you have to use it before putting in your moisturizer. It doesn't leave any residue and will not irritate your skin but will make your skin glow.

Lancôme Advanced Genifique, however, is a clear serum that will also work on your dark spots. It has a self-loading dropper that will give you the right dose every time you have to apply the product.

So, if you have dark spots, you should look consider checking out Lancôme.

If you fear using oils, then Clarins Double Serum was made for you because the combination of product ensures that this one is never oily. The golden ratio of oil to water allows it to absorb into your skin without it once feeling greasy or sticky or oily. 

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