Sam's Club up to 15% Cashback and Limits + Saving Tips

Sam's Club up to 15% Cashback and Limits + Saving Tips

Up To 15% Super Cash Back Up To 12% Cash Back

    Sam's Club offers exceptional wholesale club values on household essentials, business and office supplies, auto care, electronics, health & beauty, grocery and more. You can find everything you need, from the children’s favorite after-school snacks to the latest in flat-screen televisions. But before you buy, it pays to make sure you’re actually getting a good deal. Here are several tips to make the most out of your dollar. With the Extrabux link to Sam's Club's website, you can even earn up to 15% cashback.

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What is Extrabux?

Founded in 2006, Extrabux is one of the top three cashback websites in the US. It has more than 200,000 users worldwide and has cooperated with 6,000+ Chinese and foreign e-commerce websites to provide up to 30% cashback! At Extrabux, you can enjoy convenient rebates and cash withdrawals, the most up-to-date product offers, and reliable customer support.


What is Cashback?

When you click the Extrabux link to a store's website, Extrabux earns a sales commission from that store on everything you purchase.  Extrabux passes the majority of this commission back to you as Cash Back. For example, if you buy from a store with a 5% cashback and spend $200, we'll add $10 cashback to your Extrabux account within 1-7 days.

How Do You Earn Cash Back from Sam's Club?

 1. Join Extrabux free with an email and password, you can get $20 welcome bonus.


2. Search for a store that you are looking for.


3. Click the "Start Shopping" button or choose a coupon from the store page.



4. Complete your purchase at the store's website.

5. In 1-7 days, your cash back will be added to your Extrabux account!

How Much Cashback You Can Earn from Sam's Club?

Usually, you can get up to 12% cash back from Sam's Club. If you use  Cashback Boost Card, you will earn up to 15% super cash back. I highly recommend shopping at the major festival and using the super cash back coupon, so you can save even more. Generally, Extrabux may increase the cash back proportion during the major festival such as Black Friday. Sam's Club current cash back detail:

  • 12% Cash Back for Memberships;

  • 8% Cash Back for Apparel;

  • No Cash Back for Sam's Club Travel, Sam’s Club Pharmacy, in-store pick up (Click 'n' Pull), Tires, any merchandise or service listed under the “Services” and “Auctions” sections within SamsClub.com including, but not limited to Business Stationery, Cell Phone Plans, Check Printing, Optical, and Photo;

  • No Cash Back for Accessories, Baking, Beer, Candy, Camera, Coffee, Computers, Dairy, Freezer, Fresh Meat, Frozen Meat, Gift Cards, Sodas, Snacks, Tobacco, Wine.

Sam's Club Cash Back Limits

  • No Cash Back: Gift Cards, Computers, Laptops, Consumables

  • Cash Back is not available on the purchase or redemption of gift cards.

  • Reseller purchases do not qualify for Cash Back

  • Use of coupon/promotional codes not listed on Extrabux may void Cash Back.

  • Do make sure your shopping cart is empty when you click through to the store from Extrabux.

Where to Get Cashback Boost Card?

1. Login your account every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then get Cashback Boost Card from "Bonus Page".


2. With Lucky Draw Card (Extrabux will send the cards frequently), you also have a chance to get Cashback Boost Card. (After you login, you can find your Lucky Draw Card in the Card Page).


3. Place more than 1 order each month, get 3 Cashback Boost Cards;Place more than 3 orders each month,  get 5 Cashback Boost Cards;Place more than 6 orders each month,  get 10 Cashback Boost Cards.

4. Buy Extrabux VIP Card (including Student VIP & Monthly VIP).

As long as you are a student at school, you can get a free whole year long VIP Card worth USD 199. With that VIP Card, all your new purchases made within the next whole year will be boosted automatically to the super cashback level. (How to Get Student VIP Card?)

If your monthly order amount exceeds USD 1000, the VIP card of the next month will be automatically received and activated, and the order will be automatically upgraded to Super rebate next month. In Addition, among the daily Lucky Draw Card, there is a chance to draw a VIP card.

Don't forget to use Cashback Boost Card on one of your purchases, your cash back will be boosted immediately. (How to Use Extrabux Cashback Boost Card to Get Extra Bucks)

Sam's Club Current Coupons & 2021 Black Friday Coupons and Deals

1. Sam's Club Plus Members get free shipping on most items with no minimum purchase.

2. Refer your friends & get a $10 eGift card when they join & they also get a $20 eGift card.

It is worth mentioning that every year on Black Friday, Sam's Club will launch a series of promotions. Although Sam's Club 2021 Black Friday Coupons and Deals have not been announced, from the Black Friday offers in 2018 we can know that almost all the products are discounted including electronics,household essentials, home furnishings, and more.

Please pay attention to Extrabux all the time, we will update Sam's Club 2021 Black Friday Coupons and Deals as soon as we receive them.

Sam's Club Saving Tips

1. Score "Instant Savings". These saving change monthly and can really help you save some $$$. What’s great about Instant Savings is you don’t need to clip coupons…these savings are automatically loaded to your membership card.

2. Buy Extreme Value Gift Cards. Sam’s Club offers discounts on many national brand gift cards, and most are priced below their face values. Oftentimes, you can save 10% to 25% right off the bat.

3. Get Deals With ‘Shocking Values". SamsClub.com and the Sam’s Club app both feature limited-time deals called “Shocking Values.”

4. Get Free Prescription Drugs. Sam’s Club offers no-cost prescriptions for certain medications, a benefit that could add up to hundreds of dollars in savings per year.  You have to be a Sam’s Plus member to get the five free prescriptions that the Sam’s Club pharmacy offers, however.

5. Use Sam's Club Mastercard. Cardholders will get 5% cash back on gas, 3% cash back on dining and travel, and 1% cash back on everything else.

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