My Top 8 Japanese Snacks and Candies from Rakuten Global Market

My Top 8 Japanese Snacks and Candies from Rakuten Global Market

    • The Japanese are known for their artistry and attention to detail, and their snacks are no exception. Here are my top 8 Japanese snacks from Rakuten Global Market, with them i love my life more. 


Shiroi Koibito is one of the most famous Japanese chocolate cookies, translates to "White Lover" in English; as the name suggests, it uses white chocolate sandwiched in between butter biscuits.  It consists of chocolate sandwiched between langue de chat. There are two main types: Shiroi Koibito White with white chocolate in the centre and Shiroi Koibito Black with milk chocolate in the centre.


"Jaga Pokkuru" is made from 100% Hokkaido-grown potatoes. Flavorful Hokkaido potatoes are grown in a crisp climate with big differences in temperature between day and night. The secret behind the superb flavor is the original crispy texture and roasted salt from the Okhotsk district. The unique processing method achieves a crispy texture and brings out the potato’s innate flavor. The roasted salt from Okhotsk adds even more Hokkaido flavor. This salt is distilled from the waters of the Saroma lagoon. Simmering in the kettle causes the salt to mellow in flavor.


Wagashi, the Japanese-style sweets brings traditional culture and beauty and mind. Delicious Japanese sweets full of natural goodness. “Wagashi” contains red bean, kidney beans, glutinous rice, powdered rice, sweet potatoes, sesame, agar-agar and sugar.  The Morimoto Wagashi has egg in it, a total different flavor, i love it so much.


Sour-Tei is a traditional Japanese store with a long history. Most people travel to Japan would buy their snacks and chocolates as gifts to their friends and families. The straberry chocolate is the most welcomed, a combination of acidity of the freeze-dried strawberries using only fully ripe strawberries, white and milk chocolate sweet. 


Although Chinsuko is a popular biscuit like shortbread, they have been challenged to be modified, to be more unique. One of the most successful is this Yukishio Chinsuko. Yuki means snow and shio means salt. The snow-like salt is from a nearby ocean where the salty water flows around corals and limestone.


Kyushu pancake of the nation award "gold medal receiving a prize!" . Only the finest natural ingredients are used in the the Kyushu Pancake flour mix. Ranging from the Wheat from Oita Prefecture, fertiliser free, Aigoma farmed Sprouted brown rice in Aya, Miyazaki, Millet from Unzen, Nagasaki, Pressed barley from Saga Prefecture, the legendary purple rice and red glutinuous rice from Kumamoto and Fukuoka Prefecture, Non glutinuous rice from Kagoshima and the famed raw sugar from Okinawa and Kagoshima. 


The Beni Imo is a sweet purple potato and comes from the Yomitan area on Okinawa island, contains many antioxidant and is a healthy food from Okinawa Island. Brillant purple in colour, this okinawan sweet potato (beni-imo) is mildly sweet and light. 


With over 15 "Monde Selection" awards, the Hakata Torimon has become the must-buy of souvenirs after a stay in Fukuoka. With its unique mixture, Torimon is a different way to eat this common ingredient of Japanese sweets. The mix of cream and butter gives it a similar taste to Western desserts but with a Japanese twist! It has a rich buttery taste with a unique texture from the sweet beans. 

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