6 Healthy Habits for You and Your Kids to Ensure Good Sleep for a Productive Day

6 Healthy Habits for You and Your Kids to Ensure Good Sleep for a Productive Day

  • How Much Sleep Time do We Need?

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM), and the Millpond Children’s Sleep Clinic, human in different stages require different sleep times. In the space of 24 hours, we need the following amount of sleep time.


  • 6 Healthy Habits for You and Your Kids

To have a good sleep, you should take following tips:

1. Keep a regular routine

A regular routine applies for waking, meal, nap, play, work or study, and sleep time. Both you and your child will feel relaxed and comfortable with a consistent bedtime routine. Especially around bedtime, do the same routine, maybe a bath, story, family time or relax music.


2. Parents are examples for children

Your children constantly learn from your actions. Be their role model and show them good bedtime and morning habits. Parents should ask kids how they slept in the morning to express how important sleep is. Of course, do not blame them before sleep.

3. Strict screen time

Nowadays, ipads, iphones, electronic games etc. takes both adults and kids most spare times. According to statistics and researches, screen time too much do bad to our sleep, work and studies. So keep computers, TVs, laptops, tablets and phones out of our bedrooms are important.


4. Have extra 5 minutes of sleep

Extra 5 minutes of sleep does not means lazy. We all do still need a lot of sleep, and our energy usage is very high physically and mentally. All parents should know that kids need more sleep than adults, so let them sleep more.

5. Be mindful of out-of-school activities

As parents, it’s your job to be aware of how active your children are, especially with afternoon and evening sports, lessons and play dates. Too much activity can present a challenge for their sleep if not enough time is spent winding down at the end of the day .

6. Get active with your child

Play outside, go for a walk, pay a visit to a museum or other interesting activities are important for both parents and kids. Throughout the day, help them use their bounding energy by being active with your kids.


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