Dyson Airwrap -- Say Goodbye To Hair-Styler

Dyson Airwrap -- Say Goodbye To Hair-Styler

    • Dyson published their new product- Airwrap on 10th October,and so many women felt strong heartbeat. Everyone complained that it was a devil, with his aunt-like smile, otherwise they was willing to take out the bank card.
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Ignored the vacuum cleaner and hair dryer, finnally attracted by the Airwrap. 

The most attracting is that it doesn't require a lap of manual curling. You just put a strand of hair next to it, and the airflow from the body automatically absorbs the hair around the curling iron.

You can click the following video to feel the black technology of Dyson.

It solves the thorny problem that many people cannot use curling sticks, and also don't worry about the damage caused by high temperature. 


Airwrap achieves a styling with airflow that does not exceed 150 degrees Celsius and will not be burned even if the skin is touched. Be aware that the usual curling irons will heat up to more than 200 degrees Celsius when heated.


Airwrap perfectly inherits the good tradition of Dyson's vacuum cleaners that can change tips.

The super-complete Dyson Airwrap Complete set contains seven accessories priced at $549.99. With it, the hair dryer, hair comb and curling iron at home can be put away.


Includes three different diameters.

A curling iron that can be curled clockwise or even counterclockwise.


Two straight hair artifacts that smooth the buttercups.


A cylinder comb for a light, fluffy bangs.


A fanless fan-shaped wind nozzle.


The most convenient thing is that as long as the wet hair can drip without water, it can be directly curled and dried automatically while curling, saving the money to buy a hair dryer and saving time every morning. No wonder everyone said that this is a good thing worth investing.

If you feel that you don't use so many accessories, as well as save a little money. Dyson Airwrap also has two sets of five accessories. The price is relatively cheaper.

  1. Set for soft hair: Dyson Airwrap Volume Shape


  2. Set for dry hairy hair: Dyson Airwrap Smooth + Control


They are $499.99, almost save $50. They are sold out on Dyson official site. There are several sites can buy, if you want to buy please click the following for more details.



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