Gear Up to For The Cup - Jerseys of Premier League Clubs, 2018-19 Season

Gear Up to For The Cup - Jerseys of Premier League Clubs, 2018-19 Season

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Liverpool, Manchester United & More
    • New Season, New Champions. Who will get the champion of Premier League this 2018-2019 season? That is a big question. But whose jersey is most stylish? Have a look now.

.75.jpgManchester City got the champion of Premier League last season. They bought new soccer players in summer and aim to get another champion now. "Kun" played so well in past 5 games. Under their coach Josep "Pep" Guardiola Sala, the team became better than ever. The superstars of City are now perennial contenders in every competition as their passionate supporters serenade them to the tune of “Blue Moon” and dance the Poznan with every rippling of the net.

.75.jpgOld Trafford always attracts eyes from the entire world. The Red Devils lost in past 4 seasons after Alexander Chapman Ferguson's retirement. Now under “The Special One” Jose Mourinho,  Manchester United seems still has some problems. To restore their past glory, Paul Labile Pogba must be a real star.

.75.jpgGood news, Eden Hazard is still at  Chelsea. And they had a new coach, Maurizio Sarri. They won last 5 games and now at the 1st in ranking. No pressure from Euro Champion, they play the Premier League as their first purpose. Stamford Bridge Stadium is waiting you.

.75.jpgLiverpool does not has Steven Gerrard, it's still one of the most well-known team in Premier League.  Mohamed Salah,Sadio Mané and Roberto Firmino played so great in last season. Now they are do their best to get the champion, not only in Premier League, but the Euro Champion. Under Jurgen Klopp's plan, they are competitive. 

.75.jpgOnce gunner, always gunner. Arsenal lost Arsène Wenger, and now the coach is Unai Emery Etxegoien. The north London club is still grasp their beautiful games. Mesut Özil is a big name in this team. Cooperated with PUMA, Arsenal's jersey is welcomed by fans. This season ,will they go back to the Euro Champion? I think it's difficult.

.75.jpgAll English love Harry Kane, and he is their biggest name now in England Team. This club is also in North London, and the game between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal is attractive. Recent years, Tottenham Hotspur's performance makes them popular oversea. Some of the game’s biggest talents and personalities have worn the famed Cockrel crest. 

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