10 Bobbi Brown Best Sellers Ensure Natural Beauty

10 Bobbi Brown Best Sellers Ensure Natural Beauty

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    • Bobbi Brown has the simple philosophy: a woman is the most beautiful with her natural beauty. As one of New York's most-wanted makeup artists, Bobbi Brown herself providing women with makeup to highlight their natural beauty. Score 10 Bobbi Brown's best-selling makeup products and enjoy your own beauty now.


I love this one the most. A lot of magazines and beauty bloggers also listed this as one of Bobbi Brown's best popular makeup as well. From ink to plum, Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner is available in 13 opaque hues. For me, this eyeliner is very pigmented, creamy and easy to apply. I had the shade chocolate shimmer ink and black ink. Its long-wear, almost 12 hours. And it's water-proof and even swiming will not smudge it. 


I absolutely love the way this foundation feels and looks. It is super dewy and makes my skin look really good without looking like I have much makeup on. The packaging is enthralled and i love its heavy glass bottle of black color. Serum is incredibly high for decorative cosmetics SPF. 40, an excellent option in summer.  It gives me a dewy complexion with natural coverage that leaves my skin looking like skin (only better). Price is a bit steep but really worth it. And I always catch the discounts from Extrabux and get some cashbach, i love this way to save my money.


Be described as a “soft, warm pink glow.”, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick has bronze and rose, and I love the bronze one the best. The packaging for this product is sleek with the general white on black that most cosmetic companies use. When you open it up the 'brick' effect is just gorgeous and enticed me into using it. I really love the range of bronzing shades in this pack and together they give a great sunkissed shimmer. Not keen on the white highlighting shade at the top - don't really see the point of it, I'd rather use my own highlighter. 


A rich, full-coverage lipstick with a semi-matte finish that’s enriched with vitamins C and E. Each of the 34 semi-matte lipsticks, available in unique shades ranging from a light beige to a berry rose, provides extra long wear and total coverage without drying out lips' sensitive skin. This is my favorite lipstick! It is perfect for any occasion and is a universal shade. I am not a fan of wearing lip liners and I love that I can through this shade on and go. It last anywhere between two to four hours depending on if you are eating and drinking. 

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Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit includes a creamy complexion corrector and a pressed-powder counterpart to keep dark circles under wraps. It does wonders for the black circles under my eyes. It has a really high coverage, even if you apply only a little. The concealer itself only lasts about 7 hours of wear on its own. With a little dusting of powder, though, it remains put for 12. 


This foundation goes on smoothly, really does look skin-like, and has not triggered a rash.  This one gives that healthy skin like finish to my skin. It has a creamy consistency so it requires only a light moisturiser or primer under it. It covers any blemishes or pigmentation if there’s any. It is buildable and lasts 6-7 active hours before creasing.  It's said that the story behind the Skin Foundation Stick is simple: I wanted to create a foundation that looked like skin.


This suits my lashes which are long and curly and dark anyway, it just gives a deep black definition and separates every lash.  It’s is a true black color, colonized and elongates my lashes! Zero clumping, smearing or flaking even after the tube gets a little old. 


Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base comes in a beautiful glass jar with a twist-off cap(now plastic), and it has a very rich consistency, my first impression was that it felt more like a night-cream than a primer.  A little does go a long way. I applied it morning and night because the feel was so creamy and smooth but not at all greasy. My face felt hydrated and extremely fresh. It also made my makeup go on much smoother and not dry as fast while I was still applying the foundation, and made my makeup seem to last longer. Just a bit expensive, but really deserve it.


I've bought these in several colors over the past three years. I love the convenience of sticks like this - just toss in your purse and go. Apply with fingers when you're away from your brush collection. The texture is similiar but not as creamy as Laura Mercier’s Caviar Pencils. They are soft and creamy enough that they glide onto lids easily without tugging.


They're soft yet effective and you can mix it with anything. You can use it with water to gently exfoliate your skin, or use it with your cleanser for an even deeper skin routine! The grains themselves are not harsh, unlike most other commercial and generic scrubs that all use polyethylene beads(these end up in the ocean don't use them anymore!) or crushed nuts or kernels of some sort which actually when used to judiciously end up doing more damage than good. 

Some of Bobbi Brown's products are a bit expensive, but the site has a lot of coupons and discounts. What's more, Extrabux will give you 6% cash back on all Bobbi Brown's supplies.  Enjoy your shopping and beauty now.

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