How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2019? - Prime Day Coupons & Deals Are Already Insane!

How to Prepare for Amazon Prime Day 2019? - Prime Day Coupons & Deals Are Already Insane!

    2019 Prime Day is confirmed to take place on July 15 and 16. Although there are several days left for the big shopping event, you're allowed to preview plenty of deals before they start. Prime Day is an Amazon-exclusive event, but now there are over 200 competitors getting in on the Prime Day action. Therefore, not only you should check out coupons and deals for the most-purchased items, but compare prices among different retailers. Here we write the shopping guide to help you better prepare for the 2019 Prime Day and navigate when shopping online.

  • When Is Prime Day 2019?

2019: July 15 and 16 (2-day sale) , kicks off 12am PT on the 15th

2018: July 16 and 17

2017: July 11

2016: July 12


  • What Should You Do to Prepare for 2019 Prime Day?

1) Add a reminder one your phone, PC, or iPad if you're busy as a bee, or maybe feeling a little forgetful?

2) Sign up for an new account on Amazon or other online stores or retailers you love, or find it out if you already have one.

3) Start to look for and follow the latest 2019 Prime Day coupons and deals, and compare the ads.

4) Use leaked circulars to showroom products before deciding yo buy them.

5) Start shopping early - especially for products hitting at present, you love most, and those have already got big price-cut.

6) Check your site speed and checkout process.

7) Get use of Price Matching.


  • The Most-Purchased Products on Amazon Prime Day 2019

Although Amazon mantains stock on a bunch of product categories during the shopping festival, the most popular items always sold out in few hours. Look back at Amazon Prime Day sale last year, you're highly recommended to check out the deals first for the below items, and get it done as soon as possible when the event begins.

Popular Product Categories:

  • Toys

  • Echo devices

  • Laptops

  • Smart home devices

  • TVs

Top 10 Products:

1) Install Amazon Assistant: Save $10 off your first order of $50 or more.

2) Earn a $10 bonus when you reload $100 or more to your Amazon Gift Card Balance for the first time.

3) Spend $10 ar Whole Foods Market between July 3 -16, get $10 on Amazon for Prime Day.

Check out deals for other reatilers

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