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    • Smarthome offers $80 OFF Insteon In-Wall Dimmer Kit with Google Home, Includes 1 Google Home (White Slate), 2 Insteon In-wall Dimmer Switches, ONLY $149
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Insteon In-Wall Dimmer Kit with Google Home - 

  • Get answers, play songs, tackle your day, enjoy your entertainment and control your smart home with just your voice

  • Google Home works with more than 1,000 smart home devices from more than 150 brands

  • Listen to music, playlists and more, and get rich sound from Google Home’s high excursion speaker

Insteon In-Wall Dimmer Switch -If your home is lit with recessed lights, chandeliers and wall sconces, replace an existing in-wall switch with an Insteon In-Wall Dimmer Switch and you can add remote control of any of these lights. Not every room needs to be bright all the time. With an In-Wall Dimmer Switch, a customizable On-Level lets you pick how bright your lights are when you turn them on. Ramp Rates with the Dimmer Switch let you specify how quickly or slowly your lights turns on. You can control it all with your voice through Google Assistant.

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