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LSLCQW Activated Carbon Bamboo Charcoal air Purifier,Air purification bag 4 Packs × 200g, 4 Packs

$14.49 (was $29.99)

    • Amazon has LSLCQW Activated Carbon Bamboo Charcoal air Purifier,Air purification bag 4 Packs × 200g, 4 Packs × 100g for Pets, Smoke and Mold, Shoes, car deodorants, Bathroom, Home Closet air freshener. for $14.49 (was $29.99) with promo code 50XUUR9HCopied
    • ELIMINATE ODORS AND PURIFY AIR : Freshen up your car, home or even shoes with our charcoal bags odor absorbers. These bamboo charcoal air purifying bags act as a natural odor eliminator to remove unwanted smells. Think of your activated bamboo charcoal bags like sponges that absorb odor and freshen the air.
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  • THE ULTIMATE BAMBOO CHARCOAL :8 BAGS with4 HOOKS CREATE DOUBLE ADSORPTION - Your ultimate choice charcoal bags are made from bamboo charcoal,you can use it anywhere such as a living room, car, wardrobe, refrigerator, bathroom, shoe cabinet, pet room, sports bag etc.ridding your home of persistent smells including cigarette smoke or pet odors.

  • KID, PET, & ECO-FRIENDLY : Our charcoal bags are non-toxic and fragrance-free making it a safer alternative to plug-ins, sprays, or balls. The bags are double-layered with the charcoal contained in an inner pocket making extra durable and hard to break. Using bamboo charcoal is more sustainable for the environment and 100% natural and green.

  • WIDE APPLICATIONS:The bamboo activated charcoal odor absorber bags has deodorizing and dehumidifying functions and which makes them work efficiently at any time and any place. It can be used in car,gym bag,smelly shoes,pet areas,bedroom,bathroom and fridge. Put the activated charcoal bag in these places, and it can absorb moisture or stink smell quickly and keep air fresh.

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE-->>If for whatever reason, you are not completely satisfied with our product we will refund you immediately hassle free.

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