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Exp3-Wick Wintergreen Candle @ Cannabolish

Single $29.99, 2-Pack $56.99

    • Cannabolish offers 3-Wick Wintergreen Candle, Single $29.99, 2-Pack $56.99.
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Scented candles mask odors with harsh chemicals that, when burned, can produce harmful air pollutants. Cannabolish's clean-burning soy-based candle removes odors using safer natural ingredients — no dangerous chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

  • Neutralizes odor molecules in seconds, doesn't cover them up

  • Made with natural ingredients, like water and plant oils

  • Completely free of paraffin wax, phthalates, sulfates, and parabens

  • No harmful toxins and safer around people, pets, and for the planet

  • The glass container is recyclable

2023-10-17 23:3858