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ExpMISSOLO Oil Sprayer for Cooking, 250ml @ Amazon

$4.99(was $9.99)

    • Amazon offers MISSOLO Oil Sprayer for Cooking, 250ml for $4.99(was $9.99) via coupon code 50NYBYGGCopied .
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  • Unique Design : The top of oil sprayer adopts a black nozzle, it is embedded outside, the nozzle has the function of adjusting olive oil dispenser size, you can choose 0.25ml or 0.5ml just by rotating the nozzle left and right, amount of oil is controllable, and press down to the end to achieve accurate milliliters. Humanized design, suitable for our palm, easy to hold and spray oil.

  • Easy to Fill and Carry : it's lightweight (length 7.67 in, weight 0.18 pounds), and mouth diameter of cooking oil sprayer 0.78 in, with a capacity of 250ml, you can quickly add any low-concentration oil. Sometimes, you may take oil spritzer to travel or camp, and share happiness with friends.

  • Occasion : Our oil mister spray bottle for cooking is suitable for filling olive oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, vinegar, soy sauce, cooking wine. Widely applied for cooking, barbecue, salad, air fryer, baking, it is our kitchen gadgets and life assistants.

  • Friendly Reminder: When you used oil sprayer for air fryer for the first time, pressing the nozzle couldn't spray out, then you can rotate it to the 0.5ml setting, and quickly press it down 3-5 times. Pressing slowly may cause a stream, we suggested that you press down quickly to the bottom to get a fine mist.

  • Warm tips : When using the oil spray for the first time, the pump may not work, then you can turn it to the 0.5ml setting, and quickly press it down 3-5 times. A slow press may cause stream, a hard press sends out a continuous mist.It is strictly forbidden to pour boiling water at 100 degrees Celsius and high-temperature hot oil into the spray bottle to avoid deformation and scrapping. If you want to get a better spray, it is recommended to add some water to dilute the density of the oil, and th

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