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KNX IP Interface PoE N000401 for $130.62 @eibabo technology store

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    • Get KNX IP Interface PoE N000401 for $130.62 @eibabo technology store. Free shipping.
    • The Power over Ethernet supply is standardized acc. to Standard PoE (IEEE 802.3af) and integrated via RJ45. We can recommend a PoE Ethernet Switch from Netgear, e.g. FS108P. The device disposes of 8 ports, four of which are equipped with Power over Ethernet (IEEE802.3af, 48 VDC). The IP interface, for example, can be connected to one of these four ports. As an alternative, power supply can be provided by means of screw connecting terminals at the upper side using a separate power supply unit (12-24V DC) or transformer (12-24V AC). 
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2023-05-28 18:5239