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    • VRBO offers South Lake Tahoe Vacation Rentals, Cabins, Houses, Cottages & More From $97/night
    • A large selection of 2,646 vacation rentals near South Lake Tahoe. 
    • Sparkling with sunshine in summer and glistening with snow in winter, the party never stops in this vibrant city on the picturesque southern shore of Lake Tahoe.


  • South Lake Tahoe - Fringed by the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the lake provides a majestic setting for water and winter sports, while the city boasts great shopping, a lively restaurant scene, and family-friendly amenities. 


  • Things to Do at South Lake Tahoe, Bright spring mornings create ideal conditions for sport fishing in the deep waters—Tahoe trout are a particular local delicacy. When temperatures reach their summer peak, there are plenty of ways to cool off, from gentle paddleboarding to thrilling speedboat rides. Fall brings opportunities to absorb the spectacular natural beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains from the network of hiking and biking trails, while the world-class winter-sports facilities of Heavenly Mountain Resort attract a new influx of visitors from mid-November onwards

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