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Instantly unclog your pores: Bioré nose and face pore strips instantly clean and unclog pores to purify your skin for the deepest clean in just 10 minutes.

Reduce blackheads: See instant results when you use Bioré pore strips. With continual use, you can help reduce the appearance of blackheads and see a visible reduction in the size of your pores.

For most skin types: Bioré pore strips remove dirt from skin, leaving you with clean, fresh skin care.

Binds to blackheads, not skin: Using our patented c-bond technology, Bioré pore strips are designed to be used once a week to bind to and remove blackheads not skin.

Like a blackhead magnet: Our uniquely developed pore strips act like a magnet to safely and effectively remove dirt, reduce oily skin and help eliminate blackheads.

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