ExpViseeko Privacy Window Film, 17.5 x 78.7Inches @ Amazon

$6.22(was $15.00)

    • Amazon offers Viseeko Privacy Window Film, 17.5 x 78.7Inches for $6.22(was $15.00) via clip 20% off coupon.
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  • please Spray a Lot of Water to Glass When Apply Window Film

  • Window film privacy: Simple and Classic Stripe Style. Easy to trim and apply; the stripe style of the glass film is easy to just follow the lines for a straight cut; and the repositioning is easy when applying, can came together seamlessly

  • Window film privacy: Reusable and Static Cling. This window film is static cling; no glue, super easy to apply on flat; clean; smooth glass surfaces that can be easily removed and reused multiple times

  • Window film privacy: Provide the Semi-privacy. The frosted stripe part lets in light during the daytime; and the transparent space not block your view; 75% partial privacy without losing all visibility and light

  • Window film privacy: UV Blocking and Glare Control. The PVC materials can block strong light and prevent ultraviolet rays; it can effectively protect your skin and home from direct sunlight; making your home comfortable to live in

  • Window film privacy: Comfy Decoration and Easy to Use. This window film can create a gentle look and high-end style with its simple frosted stripe design; no more heavy curtains or blinds; it can be easily applied in minutes on windows at home, kitchen, office, meeting room or rental apartment

  • Note: Please use a Hair Dryer to soften the window film(Especially the corner) before installation in winter, so as to better to stick to your window.

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