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This product is a non-contact infrared thermometer, with the function of 4 setting modes, alarm system, high , 10 seconds shut off automatically, which can extend the battery life. It is non-contact design, the handle is ergonomic design, non-slip and comfortable. What's more, target quicker, the result will be displayed on the screen in 1s, fast and no need to wait.

[High Infrared Thermometer]: temperature measurement mode: 32C-43℃; Object temperature : 0-100 ℃. Within 1-15cm measuring distance, safe, , stable and with reliable performance.
[Setting Mode]:  Press SET button for 3 seconds, enter the setting mode. F1: Switch Celsius and Fahrenheit by + and - (℃ to ℉). F2: Set the high-temperature value, when the display turns red. The default is 37.5℃. F3: Measurement tolerance compensation, 0.1 per step. F4: Sound on and off. The latest 99 measurement data can be stored (press the + and - button to check ).
[Temperature ] :  32-43℃. LCD cannot display the value, if it is lower than 32 ° C or higher than 43 ° C, the LCD will not display the data and will display "Lo" or "Hi". ≤32 ℃  Shows “Lo” for "Low Temperature"; 32.0-37.4 ℃ "Green Light" for "Measured Value"; 37.5-38.0 ℃ "Yellow Light" for "Attention Temperature "; 38.1-43.0 ℃ "Red Light" for "Fever Temperature "; > 43.0 ℃ Shows “Hi” for "High Temperature".
[Non-Contact&Target Quicker]: This kind of temperature measurement is not like a traditional thermometer, it will not contact during temperature measurement. Press the measurement button of the infrared thermometer and the result will be displayed on the screen in 1s. It is fast and there is no need to wait.

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