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    • Manage all your loyalty programs in one spot, move points and miles between programs, and redeem them for shopping and dining gift cards. The Points Loyalty Wallet is here to help you do more with your loyalty points and miles.

Redeem for gift cards: More options and offers to reward yourself — and others. What’s more rewarding than treating yourself to a just-because gift? Use the points and miles you’ve collected for something you’ll love: shopping and dining gift cards from your favorite retailers. If you’re feeling generous, gift cards also make the perfect present for a birthday, holiday or other milestone. Redemption opportunities start at just 5,000 points or miles, so it's never too early to start shopping around.

Exchange between programs: Move points and miles between your programs. Ready to maximize your loyalty potential? Exchange allows you to convert points or miles from one of your loyalty programs to another. Take a look around your loyalty wallet — you might be a quick swap or two away from your next vacation.

Track your points & miles: One place. One password. All your programs. The average loyalty member belongs to 13 different programs — and that means 13 sets of usernames and passwords to remember, and logging in to 13 different websites to keep tabs on your earnings. The Points Loyalty Wallet makes loyalty management easy, showing you all of your balances at a glance, with a single login.

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