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I have been using the keyboard, mouse and webcam of Logitech for quite a long time and have face no issues so far..Replaced My Faulty item still in Warrenty in less then 1week :) fast support via phone and free of charge..Their anywhere 2s mouses are ergonomic to use but it always give me headache every other day! Sometimes forgets my settings and sometimes just disconnects! They should solve this problem. Those are part of 588 Logitech reviews. The latest review from Trustpilot - So i tried to contain myself and not be "that one guy" but i've had enough - over the span of the last 3 years - i've used more than 1.400 Euro on various Logitech G (Gaming) products. I've bought the following Logitech products; Logitech G920, Logitech G710+, Logitech G930 (3 copies, cuz they break easier than glass), Logitech G933, Logitech G500 Mouse. The only product that had a "decent working" lifespan over 6 months is actually the Logitech G710 Keyboard. So maybe they should stick to that sections of manufactoring. Basically i've used 200+ hours on forums, investigating my options for adjusting my headset's (Logitech G930 & G933) First off, they removed the supplied drivers for the G930's so that we had to options of using the inbuild Dolby Surround-sound 7.1 wich was the very reason I, bought into the product in the very first place. Then i go through hell, with a service (call) system designed to slowely kill even the most patient of humans. Seriously, i was so frickin heartbroken, to find out there was no help to get after using 8+ hours on the phone, just to get told that i was without luck, of getting an replacement for my G930; that was 3 months old... LOL! Now i really frickin' hate myself for buying in to this rotton brand once more, cause i bought myself a pair of G933's that's another Sheit product from a Sheit company; A simple thing like a fricking mic' with a "drop down" - "put up" function for mobility and travel purposes, they couldn't even make. It' buggs, all the time - it dosnt work and the headset is a part of the worst software package for gaming products out there. You can't access your device half of the time and people are basically tearing their hair out in fustration on every single forum on the internet about every single product in the G (Gaming) Series made by Logitech. I do not understand why anyone would buy anything from this childlaboringen, no-service company. They don't give a flying goat about anything, except money! Tried to call them for more than a week, no response.. What the hell, It's like they'r employee are breaking down mentally because of the calls they take from angry costumers; not accepting the lack of quality and service. And then instead of making the products better, they just find new service employees.. There are 174 excellent reviews. 56 of customers rate great. But there are almost 358 of people rate bad.